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We are a technology company dedicated to bring innovative solutions to the Localization Industry.

In a world where multilingual content volumes are exploding, we provide an automated method to cost effectively protect the stylistic consistency, brand integrity and user experience of your translated assets.

  • We are revolutionizing and strengthening the linguistic quality review process,
  • Determining appropriate scope of review,
  • Removing the randomness and fallibility of the existing review processes,
  • Providing a scientific approach, and
  • Saving time and money.

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Review Sentinel

Review Sentinel is a cloud hosted, Software-as-a-Service application that is revolutionizing Linguistic Review and Multilingual Brand Assurance.

It is a scalable platform for reducing linguistic review costs, while ensuring the highest levels of style and brand consistency.

Until today, linguistic review processes have been empirical. Reviewers read as much content as time allows and when time is limited or volume is high, coverage is random and partial. Review Sentinel assesses language conformance of even the largest translated assets in full, and directs your reviewers to the sections that really require their attention.

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